|| SHI by Jen || Coming Soon….

SHI by JEN. Hair & Makeup: Marina. Photographed by Avi. Photo assistance: Maxwell

Dancing on stage with with M.I.A One of the biggest and craziest highlights of my life!! Still feels unreal. I was in complete shock when I got pulled on stage. Thank you dance gods for blessing me with this moment and thank you to all my friends out there supporting me. Hope to dance with her again one day. 🙏Photo by the amazing @jordanloveskats seriously thx! #dancelife

From the time I was in LA. Taken w/: #disposable #3 || pop up shop #BGRT

When Saturdays were spent at Ebbets. Taken w/: #disposable (at Ebbets Field Flannels Inc.)

Back to my favorite work space. Enjoying the latest art installation by Upendo

Tonight The CRUW will be sharing the stage with the amazing @koreionz and friends at The Crocodile. Stoked to be dancing to a live band! Come celebrate with us. It’s going be a fun night. :) #dance #livemusic #reggae

PC: Darius Maghen #sxsw || to do the things you truly love may mean overcoming some crazy obstacles but we can only look ahead and keep working at what we believe is rightfully ours ….



Anonymous asked:

do you like it when people ask you questions anonymously?


They don’t have to be anonymous lol just leaving an option for ppl send me comments or questions. You can always e-mail me as well. All info on about me. :)